Pat Sauls Investigative Services

27 Years of Courtroom and Investigation Experience

Pat Sauls Investigative Services is a successful private investigative company with impeccable credentials. 27 years experience in family law investigations focusing on adultery and child custody. Separation and divorce are extremely stressful for a family. We are committed to helping you find the truth during a time of confusion and personal struggle. We focus our efforts on helping children, who are the innocent victims and will pay the highest price. It is our mission to protect them and their interests.

We can be your confidant 24/7. To move on with your life, we know it means a lot to have someone to talk to and provide answers to your questions. With investigative surveillance and advanced technological tools, we will do just that. Contact us today for your free consultation and experience the comfort in knowing you will have someone to confide in!

Your children and their happiness are foremost in our minds
for it is our "little ones" who pay the biggest price!

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