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On the Record Magazine

On the Record is an innovative, new quarterly magazine focusing on our family law judicial system here in Wake County, including the Triangle. The US Bureau of Statistics reported that in Wake County alone there were 23,360 men and 35,910 women all over 15 years of age divorced. These statistics were conducted between 2006 and 2008. With rising numbers for divorce, there are many people in Wake County and surrounding areas who need information about their legal options. Our magazine will promote and provide a comfortable forum for readers to better understand the legal system and those who are major players such as:
• Attorneys
• Private Investigators
• Computer Forensic Specialists
• Mediators and Arbitrators
• Parenting Coordinators
• District and Superior Court Judges and Clerk’s offices
• Psychologists and Psychiatrists.

This publication can also provide direction to assist in equitable distribution. All situations are unique within itself which may require the expertise of a corporate law firm as well to find the worth of a mutually owned corporation to be divided, restructured or sold to preserve its integrity… in addition to the division of marital assets.

On the Record is about giving children a voice and a resource on behalf of their advocacy. Whether our readers are mothers or fathers, husbands or wives, aunts or uncles or grandparents, their lives are forever touched by a divorce in their families. Each quarter this publication will present articles with both information and heart. The content will be driven by the readers who are separated, contemplating a divorce, or a family member such as a grandparent concerned for their grandchild. They may be simply a friend offering a shoulder to cry on or a confidant. Emotional and psychological trauma is inevitable and may need guidance thru sessions of counseling.

It is abundantly clear no one wants to be in this position needing legal advice in their lifetime. When and if the time comes and there is a need for a private investigator and attorney as well as other members of the legal community, it will be the mission of this publication to ease the hard road and extend a helping hand and listening ear.

Please enjoy our most recent issues:


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